Stella Octangula Origami

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Stella Octangula Origami. General discussion about origami papers diagramming. In this fascinating guide for paperfolders origami expert john montroll provides simple directions and clearly detailed diagrams for creating amazing polyhedral.

Stella Octangula Sacred Geometry Octahedron Stella
Stella Octangula Sacred Geometry Octahedron Stella from

It is also the least dense of the regular polyhedral compounds having a density of 2. It can be seen as a 3d extension of the hexagram. For more information including a step by step overview of the folding process as well as to get started making your own colorful paper octahedrons watch this free origami lesson.

A wireframe version of the stella octangula is sometimes known as the merkaba and imbued with mystic properties.

It is the simplest of five regular polyhedral compounds and the only regular compound of two tetrahedra. 17 posts page 1 of 2 1 2. The stellated octahedron is the only stellation of the octahedron. Origami with jo nakashima.