Hot Glue Gun Crafts Waterfall

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Hot Glue Gun Crafts Waterfall. All you need is surfaces such as wax paper or cardboard paints water colors acrylic a piece of plastic from a. How to make hot glue diy waterfall and mini ponds miniature tinkerbell fairy angel tutorial easy hot glue gun diy crafts by hot glue nova craft this video show how to make hot glue waterfall using.

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Taking your hot glue gun run a bead of hot glue up and down the piece of sandwich bag until it is completely covered in hot glue. I hope you. I used at least 8 to 9 glue sticks for this project.

As requested by a lot of you here is an updated tutorial on my hot glue waterfall.

This time including 3d fish and plants if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe and. In this video step by step instructions for beautiful miniature craft hot glue waterfall are given. I decided at the last minute to add a rock to the inside of the waterfall pond. I hope you.