Homemade Deer Antler Crafts

Antler crafts are great holiday decorations.

Homemade deer antler crafts. This video shows you several deer antler crafts ive made over the years. Here are some ideas and deer hunting tips to make y deer antler crafts antler crafts antlers decor deer antler decor deer decor hunting room dont let your shed hunting antlers gather dust this offseason heres 10 awesome things you can do with deerantler crafts see more. When it comes to a sportsmans home decor nothing beats a good pair of antlers.

This is my favorite way to use deer antler for crafts. You only need a few basic tools and materials. Learn how to attach a deer antler to a basket to make a lovely home decor piece.

Typical whitetail deer antlers have a way of being versatile in their uses but any game animal can be used for most of these suggestions. From the pictures above you can see there are many variations of pens you can make. Male whitetails shed their antlers every year so there should be an endless supply.

Some might love to give natural theme like a wild west a real antler and a faux dear head or a modern theme like a floral antler cross stitch and other unique decor ideas. On my website i show you how to make some basic pens. However it does require a wood lathe and some knowledge of turning.

For some reason we decided to not be intelligent and didnt google how to make deer antlers or any pre existing diy deer antlers tutorials online to give us a head start. 24 craft ideas for deer antler crafts. You can craft a simple deer antler picture frame by binding a few small antler sheds or pieces to create a border of a frame you already have.

The metallic paint gives it a seasonal feeling. Grab the basket leather cord from your local craft store. It also helps if you have a drill press.

The metallic paint gives it a seasonal feeling. The pen kits can be purchased from a company called penn state industries. Saw off the end of the antlers if they are too long to use.

The deer antler comes from the natural shed of the deer which takes place annually. Another wonderful antler craft tutorial from four oaks crafts. Just place on each side and then fit a glass or hard plastic cover over the center.

Gold paint if you want to make the antler tips gold 400 on amazon here steps. Deer antler is a great renewable.

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