Helle Craft Case

Richard crafts was a commercial pilot who was living a comfortable life on a then lucrative salary of 120000 a year with his wife of 11 years helle 39.

Helle craft case. The case involved a married couple money infidelity and murder which is a very common theme among these types of tragedies. Born helle lorck nielsen july 4 1947 november 19 1986 was a danish flight attendant murdered by her husband airline pilot richard crafts. On january 13 1987 richard was arrested and held on 750000 bail.

Richard crafts was an airline pilot a part time police officer a former marine pilot and a father of three. Helle crafts was a danish air stewardess for pan american. Newtown connecticut on november 19 1986 airline pilot richard crafts undoubtedly murdered his wife mdash.

The wood chipper murder helle crafts. 13 1987 helle crafts was declared legally dead. Due to the publicity the case had received prosecutors had to move the trial to new london connecticut.

The case of helle crafts was monumental in many ways but just as tragic as any murder. Final exam ch 2 forensics. If a forensic scientist can piece together broken pieces of glass from a bottle that was used as a weapon it has.

Helle crafts born helle lorck nielson july 4 1947 november 19 1986 was a danish flight attendant who was murdered by her husband richard crafts an airline pilot and special constable. Unable to raise 750000 bail crafts remained in jail for 16 months while. Her death led to the first murder conviction in connecticut without the victims body.

He then chainsawed her body temporarily stored it in a freezer and later fed it into a wood chipper near lake zoar hoping it would successfully disperse the remains and leave no traceable evidence. Her murder is sometimes called the woodchipper murder because of the method by which richard crafts disposed of her body. What would have the most probative value.

Richard crafts was a pilot for eastern airlines. What would be considered individual evidence. The case ultimately inspired the award winning movie fargo in 1997.

It was a gruesome and shocking crime that thrust the state of connecticut into the national headlines and ultimately became the inspiration of the award winning 1997 movie fargo. Helle crafts was legally declared dead on january 13 1987. Helle a flight attendant for pan american met her husband who flew for eastern airlines in the social circle of airline employees.

Their argument was that richard had killed his wife because he hadnt wanted a divorce. The significance of the helle craft case is.

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