Gods Eye Yarn Craft

Gods eye weaving or ojo de dios is a simple weaving technique of mexican origin which has spiritual significance to its original creators the huichol people of western mexico.

Gods eye yarn craft. This is one of my easy yarn crafts and like all my craft ideas has step by step instructions and lots of pictures. Reverse again with a new color any time. Place the sticks in a cross shape.

These gods eye are really easy to make once you know how and you can experiment with lots of different finishes. It requires no patterns and uses simple materials. Hold the frame in one hand and keep the sticks in place.

Dowel rods these are often made with popsicle sticks but i like the look of the dowel rods. Yarn try using various colors and weights like a bulky pink yarn or metallic ribbon yarn. Diagonally wrap one side 4 times then do the opposite side 4 times so its secure.

Gods eye craft supplies. Its a spiritual ornament find the spiritual meaning further below made by weaving several colours of yarn around a wooden cross. Continue in the same way to complete as many recessed rows as you like.

Basic gods eye craft for kids make a traditional gods eye craft using yarn and two sticks with our step by step tutorial. How to make gods eye steps place 2 sticks together to form an x. Gods eye weaving is a great way of using up scraps of yarn from other projects.

Begin weaving your first round. Change colors by knotting the new color to the old one. With the other hand wrap the yarn over and around one arm of the x.

Ojo de dios or eye of god yarn craft is a great way to use up any odd balls of yarn you may have. This project is great for family classroom or group craft time. The four points represent earth fire air and water and provided gods watchful eye over their people.

The huichol not only make wonderfully colorful gods eyes from yarn they also make yarn paintings by gluing yarn to wooden boards in nature inspired shapes. A gods eye craft is a classic childhood yarn craft always popular at sunday school summer camp girl guides and after school craft clubs.

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