Eso Crafting Styles

As far as style demand and popularity the imperial and deadric are at the top.

Eso crafting styles. Lootable storage 15 gold at crafting vendor. Champions of the kvatch arena daily quest reward bosses. Crafting an item in a specific style requires a secondary ingredient.

A crafter will automatically know their racial style and can learn others by using motif books scrolls found around tamriel. Order of the hour. 1st group high elf wood elf khajiit redguard orc breton dark elf argonian nord imperial primal barbaric daedric and ancient elf can be found in backpacks trunks nightstands dressers and wardrobes in any zone.

Champions of the kvatch arena daily quest reward. Style books allow you to craft the different racial styles found in the game. These books along with secondary ingredients may be randomly found in containers.

Visual database and character gallery for elder scrolls online. These are related to but not the motifs which are the in game books required to craft in that style. 15 gold at crafting vendor.

You may also obtain gems via the hirelings of blacksmithing clothing and woodworking crafts as well as from daily and weekly quests. Tons of players will need heavy armor of different styles sizes etc. You can check out this eso fashion motifs styles playlist directly on youtube too.

All zones desks dressers backpacks trunks nightstands wardrobes. Each character starts with the ability to create items in their own racial style and other styles may be learned from special consumable books called motifs. Allows the creation of metal weapons such as swords maces daggers and axes as well as the creation of all heavy armor.

The following is a list of crafting styles available in the elder scrolls online. There are currently 20 crafting styles. Note that with the exception of the racial styles every other style requires specific books to craft.

Elder scrolls online blacksmith crafting skill guide.

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