Your Minecraft Haven Awaits! Tired of laggy servers and toxic players? Join ViralCraft and experience Minecraft like never before!

Why ViralCraft?

Vanilla, Skyblock, Creative: The choice is yours! Relive classic Minecraft in our Vanilla world, build your dream island in Skyblock, or unleash your inner architect in Creative. Join the ViralCraft family today and discover a world of fun, friendship, and endless possibilities! 

User friendly

Friendly Community, Find your tribe! Our players are welcoming, supportive, and always ready for an adventure. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll feel right at home. 

Powerful Servers

Powerful Servers: Lag? What lag? Our top-notch servers deliver smooth gameplay, no matter how epic your builds get. Explore vast worlds, conquer challenges, and let your creativity run wild!

Fast support

Experienced Staff: Our dedicated team is passionate about Minecraft and committed to providing the best possible experience. We're always on hand to help, answer questions, and keep the server running smoothly. 

How to join

Here you can see, how you can join on the Minecraft server.


Add the server

Go to Multiplayer in Minecraft, then Add Server

Enter server adress

Enter in the server address field and click "Done".

You're done!

Now you can play on ViralCraft with other players!

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